Heirloom Prototype

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Image of Heirloom Prototype

Heirloom Prototype - One more freshly released!
From our inception, our goal has always been greatness. It is ingrained into everything we have been and everything we have become. Since our first release, the Heritage, we have been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of yoyo. Visionaries who refused to say no, from the yoyo to the end of the string, we are dedicated to a dream that is shared by every thrower on the planet.

The Heirloom Prototypes are the only Heirloom to feature gold stainless steel rings, for an ultra elegant look. Featuring an engraved PROTOTYPE cup, the Heirloom is a masterpiece that will easily become your Heirloom as a player, a collector, or a world champion.


Image of Heirloom Prototype